The Gettysburg Optimist Club met on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 6:00 pm.

President Daryl Aurand opened the meeting at 6:30 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance and an Inspirational Reading. This was followed by an excellent dinner provided by Stacey Greene and staff.

Treasurer’s Report: Tom Barako reported

Membership: Daryl reported Jean has resigned from the club.

Some members suggested possible ways that the club might increase membership:

Wayne- Possibly have a special “membership night” inviting prospective members to the meeting.

Dan- Have applications available at the Golf Tourney.

Bruce- Have “greeters” at each of the  greens at the Golf Tourney expressing our appreciation for their support.

Non-Profit 501c3 status: Sam reported that everything is proceeding well and should be ready by September/October.

Upcoming Schedule:

Next Meeting is May 3 at the Refectory.

Little League Opening Day is 4/20. Call Daryl if interested.

High School Senior Self-Improvement Award Breakfast will be May 4,7:30 am , at Gettysburg High School Technical School. All members are welcome. Please call Walt if interested.

Golf Tourney: May 18 at The Links at Gettysburg.

Dollars for Scholars will be at 7:pm at Gettysburg High School , May 24. The club will be donating $1000. Essay judging will be soon. If interested, call Daryl.

Golf Tournament: May 18 at The Links Gettysburg. Bruce reported that there are now 8 regular foursomes and 4 gold. More are needed. Our profit still looks to be about $6000. Bruce explained about the  Puerto Vallarta time share to be raffled including circulating information about the resort. Bruce will be sending this information to everyone.

Members Comments

Daryl said that he will have information about the helmets for the Rec Park kids’ skateboard rink at the next meeting.

Mark mentioned that the “Face of America” bike event will be April 29/30. One group will be riding from Philadelphia to Gettysburg and another group from Arlington to Gettysburg arriving at the square around 1:30.

Submitted by Fred