The Gettysburg Optimist Club is overjoyed and privileged to participate in the single largest day of giving in Adams County hosted by the Adams County Community Foundation (ACCF) – The GIVING SPREE – November 5, 2021!

What is the Giving Spree?

The Giving Spree is a way to connect donors to groups and organizations that match their charitable intentions through the coordination of the ACCF and individual non-profits. Everyone in the community is encouraged to learn about local nonprofits and support them.

Do you give to local charities like SCAAP or Recue Mission? – there are 88 others!

If you hold your donations until the giving Spree you can increase your donation significantly, and still take your tax exemption, and, designate your gift(s) to whom ever you wish.  Its simple, here’s how>

There are three ways to give:

  1. Drop off your gift at the Gettysburg Times building, from1-5PM on NOVEMBER 5TH ONLY. Just fill out the donor form (required) which designates your choices, enclose your check. and drop it off. YOU MUST MAKE OUT YOUR CHECK TO ADAMS COUNTY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION. Or,
  2. Mail your check to the foundation at the address on the form attached, and mail it to arrive before Nov. 1st. Or,
  3. Give online on NOVEMBER 5th only – anytime 24hrs on the 5th. Visit Instructions also on donor form.

The Community Foundation has donors who give to the entire program, called the “stretch pool” by giving extra money to each charity. If SCAAP gets 1% of all designated funds, they get 1% of the stretch pool. Last year the stretch pool totaled over $200,000.

Total donations for last year topped $2,000,000 of which the Optimist Club received over $2000.

No matter the size, your impact is GREAT for the youth of our community! Thank you for supporting the Optimist Club of Gettysburg #67 in the 2021 Giving Spree.