Optimist Meeting Minutes 10/2/13

INSTALLATION: The Dobbin House provided excellent service and an excellent venue for our Installation Banquet.   We began the Optimist year on a great note as Walt installed new member, Fred Darling.   Fred served as an educator in the Hanover school district before spending some time serving youth in Texas.  Now that he has returned to the area he looks forward to getting involved in our community.

Also, it looks like Bruce’s friend, Frank who you may remember from some of our summer meetings is looking to join the club as well!


OFFICERS: Club President, Craig Sweet handed the reigns over to incoming President, Kris Accardi.  Tom Barako and Mindy Accardi will continue serving as Treasurer and Secretary respectively.  The Board of Directors is as follows: Craig Sweet, Daryl Aurand, Marci Cropp, Mark Grazulewicz, and Joe MacDowell.


NOTE FROM FORMER PRESIDENT (CRAIG SWEET): Craig thanked the members of the club for being “integral” in making last year a success.  He related how Optimists in and outside the club were always willing to help and offer guidance.  He reminded the club that as one year comes to an end and a new one begins it is important make the glass “full” again and you can even let it “overflow” with support and new ideas.

NOTE FROM THE GOVERNOR (KATHLEEN MANCHEC): Kathleen challenged us to recognize all the wonderful things that youth are doing for our community.  She also described the thought behind this year’s Optimist pin which is a small circle within a box.  She stated that the pin has a double meaning.  One, depending on the angle, we can “see things differently”, so we should be open to new suggestions.  Two, sometimes we should stick with tradition by staying “in the box”, but it’s also ok to step out of the box to try something that we have not done before.  There will be an opportunity for Optimist members to attend leadership training in Baltimore, MD even if you are not a current officer.  The district is looking for ways to offset some of the costs to the members.  More news to come.  Think about packing your bags for Vegas, the site of this coming year’s Optimist Convention.  Details to follow.

NOTE FROM THE LT. GOVERNOR (TOM MCGLYNN): Tom expressed appreciation of the work that our club does, making us number 6 out of 49 clubs in our district.  He told a personal story of true optimism, describing how getting knocked down can sometimes be the turning point allowing you to win the game and even get the girl!  He also encouraged members to consider volunteering for position of Lt. Governor.  It is a great way to meet people and see good things that clubs around the area are doing.

NOTE FROM THE INCOMING PRESIDENT (KRIS ACCARDI): Kris has felt right at home with the Optimist club and he is excited to become President.  He looks forward to seeing the club continue to grow in members and to improve upon the base activities and fundraisers that are currently in place.


AWARDS: Joe MacDowell continued the tradition started last year by Mark Cropp in which a painting that was presented to the club is given to a member to have for one year’s time.  Joe was the first person to be awarded this recognition as a member whose service and dedication went “above and beyond” the Optimist standard.  This year Joe decided to present this honor to Kris and Mindy Accardi for their willingness to step into leadership roles and participate in events such as Optimist Basketball, the Oyster and Shrimp Feed, and Soccer Tournament Car Parking.  Next year, Kris and Mindy will look to pass the painting on to another member who embodies the Optimist spirit.


UPCOMING EVENTS: Gettysburg Halloween Parade.  A handful of members have agreed to participate, but we are looking for more bodies!  Please contact Marci ASAP if you plan to attend the parade on Tuesday, October 22nd.  Line-up approximately 6pm and step-off will be at 7:30pm from the old Visitor Center Parking Lot on Steinwehr.  (Rain date is set for Tuesday, October 29th) The Optimist Club plans to partner with Big Brothers Big Sisters of York/Adams County for this event.  If you would like to participate, but are unable to walk the route we can look into getting the scoot coupes again from Getty Peds.


OTHER NOTES: Tom will discuss the new cost for dues at the coming meeting.

There will be a board meeting following the next regular business meeting.


NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be Wednesday, October 16th at 6:30pm. A new year brings a new location for meetings!  This year’s meetings will be held at Mama Ventura’s (13 Chambersburg St. Gettysburg PA).  Street parking is generally available nearby this time of year.  A homemade buffet-style meal in the private meeting room will be served.  Alcoholic beverages will be made available for purchase by members.