Guests:  The Optimist Club had two exciting and enlightening presentations at our meeting.  We started with a wonderful show by the Adams County School of Musical Theatre.  Six of their students wowed us with their performance of popular songs from the 50s, 60s, and 70s.  Their teacher, Chad-Alan Carr spoke briefly about how the Optimist’s donation helps to supports their projects.  Chad also invited the Optimist members to be his guest at an upcoming production of Peter Pan which is being produced as a part of the Penguin Project.  The Penguin Project has been a very successful program in Illinois for the last 10 years.  Children with disabilities ages 8-21 are assigned a part in the play.  They are paired with a mentor of the same age who will help them learn their lines and choreography.  The 6 students who were present at the meeting are actually mentors for this program and they feel that the experience is extremely rewarding.  The production will take place at the Gettysburg H.S. auditorium on Friday and Saturday May 9th and 10th.  Show times are 7pm and 2pm respectively. Please contact Wayne or Darlene if you would like to attend.


We also had a very informative presentation from Brian Devost, with the Gettysburg Area Recreation Authority.  The Rec. park consists of 52 acres of land with a surrounding fitness trail.  A Master Concept Plan has been developed to enhance the park and utilize the space a little better.  Brian explained some of the upcoming goals for the park.  The number one priority per surveyed locals is to create a dog park.  They are nearing the $25,000 goal to begin this project.  Another part of the plan is to make a new, expanded amphitheater towards the front of the park to permit larger acts to come in and to allow easier access for the patrons.  Currently there is no plan to tear down the existing Optimist Amphitheater.  The hope is to actually use it for summer camps at this time.  However, down the road, if the concrete amphitheater needs to be removed, Brian would hope to save the mosaic.   He encourages groups with a connection to the Rec Park and other community members to give suggestions about the future of the park. 

Fundraising Projects:

Golf Tournament: Bruce reports that we have 13 committed gold sponsors and 3 $200 sponsors.  Mercedes will again provide a car with a 6 month lease if a hole-in-one is made on the special hole. We are still looking to surpass last year’s numbers so keep seeking out new sponsorships.  We have approximately 20 foursomes, but we are hoping to have 36 foursomes, so keep talking to your golfing buddies.  If we do not have a full tournament, the Links will open up foursomes to their members for a discounted rate.  Keep an eye out for an email from Bruce for the golf committee meeting.

 Gettysburg Hoss’s Fundraiser: Saturday, May 21st bring your printed flier to Hoss’s and a percentage of your bill will be donated to the club.      

 Public Relations: The recent internet virus Heartbleed has not caused too many issues with the Club’s online media, but if you notice any problems, please contact Marci.

 Member Notes: If you would like to cheer on our Veterans a crowd will be gathered at the Eisenhower Hotel as the Wounded Warriors ride into town on Sunday, April 27th at approximately 1:30pm. 

 Hopefully the nicer weather is on its way, so we will be moving our meetings to the Pavilion.  Members are asked to choose a date to be the chef for the night.

 Upcoming Events: Optimist Golf Tournament at the Links Thursday, May 22th

                                East York Special Olympics Thursday, May 22th

                                Dollars for Scholars Program Wednesday, May 28th


Upcoming Meeting:  Wednesday, May 7th at 6:30pm at Mamma Ventura’s 

                                                Wednesday, May 21st at 6:30pm at the Lake Heritage Pavilion