The Adams County Arts Council hosted this evening’s Optimist meeting.  The Arts Council offers numerous programs including more than 200 classes, summer camps, and after school or senior citizen programs.  Their goals include encouraging arts education, supporting local artists, and promoting economic development through the arts.  More than $25,000 scholarships have been made available for low-income children.  The council is currently showcasing a “recyclables” art show which allows students to turn trash into treasure.  Also, keep in mind that the building is open to visitors each First Friday from 5-7:30pm.  The Optimists gave a donation to the Arts Council to help support all their wonderful community programs.

TREASURERS REPORT: We are more than half way through our fiscal year and Tom says we are looking good!  Thus far our fundraisers have exceeded expectations.  Hopefully we will continue that trend.

OTHER NOTES: We received a thank-you note from the Stars Program for our recent donation.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Golf tournament planning is in full swing.  Keep seeking out sponsors and think about how you would help on the day of the event, Thursday 5/23/13.

Don has the sign-up sheets all set for the Soccer Tournament parking.  Start thinking about when you might be able to lend a hand the weekend of 5/25-5/26 and 8/24-8/25.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, April 17 at the Refectory with a presentation from the Children’s Music Theatre.