RIF DayThis morning April 29, 2016, Bruce Bradshaw and his wife Sue attended the start of the James Getty RIF day at the invitation of the Gettysburg PTO RIF sponsor Mike Flaherty. He and two PTO volunteers manned the front corridor lobby with tables filled with books identified for each grade level.  He was also able to meet with Mrs. Donna Harrison, the James Getty Principal and present her with the Optimist check for $1400. The RIF program provides each student three books each year with books given out from kindergarten to the fifth grade. If a student stays in the Gettysburg system he/she will have received 18 books from the Optimist supported RIF program.


For 15 minutes, each class was given time to choose books. Here’s the schedule:

   Book Choice(in lobby)          Olympic Relays (in gym)

  8:40am    Aurand
  8:50        Roy
  9:00        Spokus                       Sease
  9:15        Sease                          Spokus
  9:30        Fague                          Jones
  9:45        Jones                           Fague
10:00        Wampler                      Becker
10:15        Becker                         Wampler
10:30        Barrett                         Lamer
10:45        Lamer                          Barrett
11:00        Schiefer                        Moles
11:15        Moles                           Schiefer
11:30        Shellenhamer                Strausbaugh
11:45        Strausbaugh                 Shellenhamer
12:00pm   Leppo
12:30        Secrest                        Myers
12:45        Myers                         Secrest
  1:00        Daniels                        Kletz
  1:15        Kletz                           Daniels
  1:30        1/2 fifth grade


Bruce comments “It was a very interesting and fulfilling morning.”


For more images of today’s event, please visit our facebook album.