Our Optimist Club meets outdoors in the Summer beneath a Pavilion that seems at times to capture the heat and harbor more than its share of Summer bugs.  So it was on Wednesday, June 20 when 18 of us gathered by the lake to wolf down Daryl’s grilled “dogs and burgs”, a cold brew, and fresh watermelon.  We said congrats to our newlyweds – Kris Accardi and Mindy Dicken – and greeted Holly Fox and Lynne Aurand, our guests for the evening.

Now we did conduct our business: the Soccer Parking receipts, which went well, the golf tournament update, preliminary plans for 2013, the $450 donation for the Kindergarten Book project , and the Rec Park Optimist Amphitheater painting done by the USS Eisenhower visiting sailors. But we could have done this by email.

We have some goodies coming up – the Family picnic at Wayne Hill’s home on July 11th ( more to come on this), the Gettysburg “Meals and More” Summer project for kids presentation at the August 1st meeting, and the Zone meeting on August 15th (y’all come!).  But we could have shared this news on the website, or even a real snail mail letter!

But we gather.  We gather by choice.  We swap stories.  We eat sitting on creaky wooden tables.  We have handshakes all around and we give every living creature a smile (except the bugs).

The treasure in gathering for meetings, even in the Summer heat, is fellowship – the unsaid part of our creed.

Please join us July 11th for our annual Summer Family Picnic. We’ll pick up right where we left off.

Joe MacDowell, secty.