Vice President Darlene Brown called the meeting to order at 6:37 pm., and asked for an Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance. This was followed by an outstanding dinner provided by Stacey Green and her staff.

The speaker for the evening was Chris Gladfelter, representing the Adams County Arts Council. Chris opened with a brief history of the Center, explaining that it was incorporated  in 1993, in Gettysburg, evolving from a small group of volunteers into a membership of more than 540 supporters. The organization encourages the arts throughout the county, with a mission statement :
“ACAC’s mission is to cultivate an arts-rich community.” The group’s programs reach an audience of 40,000 people each year. Their newest program is “Eat Smart-Play Hard” encouraging youth in particular  to eat healthy and exercise regularly.

The Club presented Chris with a donation of $500 for ACAC.

Treasurer’s Report – Tom reminded members to make sure their dues are up to date.

Vice President – Darlene reminded everyone about the upcoming Oyster Feed  March 19.
Preparation Day is March 18 .  Reminder that the second March meeting will be March 18, at the G.B. Firehouse. Be sure to bring a dessert.

Basketball – Kris said that the Basketball program will return to the Middle School this Saturday, 2/20, 9-1.
The team pictures are back and will be distributed.
Coaches will be invited to the March 2 meeting to thank them for all of their efforts.

Golf Tourney – May 19  Frank  Negro reported that he has been contacting businesses in the community for pledges.
Also several door prizes have been donated.

Darlene announced that the Club needs a representative to attend the STARS Breakfast on May 24. Tom Barako
volunteered to attend. Thanks Tom !

Vice President Darlene called the meeting to a close at 7:35 pm with recitation of the Optimist Creed.

Submitted by Fred Darling