Caton, Jared and Josh are once again hosting their annual Alex’s Lemonade Stand in Gettysburg. This is the 8th year that they’ve operated the stand supporting childhood cancer research. During their first seven years, they have raised nearly $30,000. With the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg being celebrated this year, they are hoping that this could be their biggest year yet.

Caton and Jared attended an Optimist Meeting in January where members graciously jump started this years campaign.

Please stop by their stand at 429 Baltimore Street on the following dates and times.

Saturday, June 29th 1-5pm

Wednesday, July 3rd 2-8pm

Thursday, July 4th Noon-5pm

Friday, July 5th 1-6pm

For more information or if you are unable to attend but are interesting in making a donation, you can do so by going here.

Thanks for helping them fight childhood cancer, “one cup at a time”!

-We had a very informative presentation tonight in regards to the Dollars for Scholars program.  Since the Gettysburg Area Dollars for Scholars began in 2005 the Optimist Club of Gettysburg has been a strong supporter.  We have donated each year so that one male and one female student from GAHS will receive a generous scholarship.  This year the Gettysburg Dollars for Scholars program reached 41 different students for a total of $63,600 worth of scholarships!  At this time, the program is hoping to expand on the number of applicants who are looking to go to a technical school.  Students interested in receiving scholarships fill out one anonymous application.  A team dedicated to the Dollars for Scholars program reviews each application and awards individual scholarships based on the criteria specified for each scholarship.  Once all the scholarships have been determined a computer-generated program will list the recipient associated with the anonymous number.  The Gettysburg Area Dollars For Scholars has decided to keep their monies local as they invest through ACNB.  In the future, the Optimists could consider forming an endowment to make our scholarship self-funding.  Individuals or groups looking to make a donation or begin an endowment can find more information at


-With perfect timing for this meeting, the Optimist Club received a very nice thank-you note from one of this year’s recipients of the Optimist Scholarship.


-Craig has visited several clubs in the Zone and plans to stop at a few more next week.


-Tom is excited to write his next really big check on our new dry erase board that is designed to look like an Optimist check.


-Kudos to Jean for raising money for the Optimist Club through a Casual Day at work!


-Thanks to Bill and Sam for a delicious meal!


-The Chamber of Commerce printed a nice article regarding our donation to the Gettysburg Little League.


-Next Gathering: Wednesday, July 17 at Wayne Hill’s house.  We will need desserts, hot dishes, and salads.  If the first letter of your last name begins with the letters A-D please plan on bringing a dessert; E-K please bring a hot dish; L-Z  please bring a salad.

The next Optimist meeting will be held on 6/19/13 at 6:30pm at Lake Heritage.

The Optimist Little League Team recently wrapped-up the 2013 season on June 4.  The team is sponsored by the Optimist Club of Gettysburg and includes members between the ages of 9 and 10 in the “Player Pitch” category.  This year the Optimist Team was coached by Mike Tushek and supported by parents and Optimist members.  The Optimist Club is proud of their young ball players and look forward to next season.

The Gettysburg Little League is one of more than 19 youth related programs supported by the Optimist Club of Gettysburg each year.  We wish to thank all the Little League Volunteers and coaches for their generous support and efforts to “Bring out the best in kids.”


Each year The Optimist Club of Gettysburg, through its support of the Gettysburg Dollars for Scholars Program, funds an academic scholarship to be presented to one female and one male student from the graduating class of the Gettysburg Area School District.  The award is  presented for outstanding leadership and service to the community.  Each student received a $1000 scholarship in support of their future education.

This year the scholarships were awarded to Mikahla Vicino and Dustin Redding.  Mikahla is the daughter of Kathy Brunner and Mattew Vicino.  She will be attending Carnegie Mellon University majoring in Cognitive Science, and Dustin, the son of Linda and Craig Redding, will be attending Penn State Main Campus majoring in Actuarial Science.  The members of The Optimist Club of Gettysburg congratulates both graduates on their achievements and is proud to be a part of their journey of advanced studies.

President Report: The Optimists of Gettysburg are the 6th ranking district in our zone.  Our zone 7 is the top zone in our area.

Consider making yourself available for the 4th Quarter Meeting which is here in Gettysburg 8/16-18.

Golf Tournament News: This year, the number of sponsors was up, although the number of golfers was a little down compared to previous years.  The club raised approximately $4900 to serve local youth.  We look forward to expanding on this popular event next year.

Soccer Tournament Parking: Due to the decreased number of soccer fields for this year’s tournament, the income from the parking was down compared to previous years, but we hope to see a better weekend for the tournament in August.  We raised approximately $3875 with this event.

Dollars for Scholars: The Optimist presented two $1000 scholarship awards to one boy and one girl graduating from GAHS.

Other notes:  The Treasurer, Secretary, and Board of Directors are willing to continue to serve in their respective positions next year.  They are willing to step aside if someone else would like to fill their role.   The Vice President position is available.  Please contact Kris Accardi if you have any nominations or would like to fill a position next year.  Elections are planned for August.

The journals for the Roads to Freedom project are available through the Adams County Library.  This project which the Optimist Club helped to sponsor is seeking to combat childhood obesity.

The Optimist-sponsored Little League team played their last game on Tuesday.  The kids really seemed to enjoy themselves and the coaches were very enthusiastic and motivational.  See the Optimist Facebook page for pictures.

The only meeting in July will be held at Wayne Hill’s house on the 17th.

Mark your calendars for the much-loved All-Star Magic Show!  It will be held 12/15/13.  Details to follow.

Next meeting: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 6:30pm, Lake Heritage Pavilion.   Sam and Bill will be the guest chefs.  There will be a board of directors meeting afterwards.

The Little League team sponsored by the Gettysburg Optimist will play their final game of the season on Tuesday 6/4/13 at 6pm.  Lets show some support and cheer them on.  They will play on Field 1 at the Gettysburg Rec Park.

The next Optimist meeting will be on Wednesday 6/5/13 at 6:30pm.  Dinner will be provided by Kris and Mindy at the Lake Heritage Pavilion.  We will have some old and new business to review along with discussions regarding officer nominations for next year.