Have a happy and safe 4th.  There will be no Optimist meeting this week as members prepare to celebrate the holiday weekend.

Guests: We had our Respect for Law Day which gives the club the opportunity to honor a well-deserving community member who is committed to cultivating a respect for law in our youth.  The club presented this year’s award to Joanna Russello who is an attendance specialist at Adams County Children and Youth Services.  She was accompanied by her husband, Sal and her son, Sonny.  Her co-workers Scott Birdsall and Lynne Alwine also came out to show their support.  Joanna has been employed by CYS for 7 years.  In her current position she focuses on truancy prevention.  She assists Adams County school systems in developing strategies to combat truancy and she helps to educate parents and students on the consequences of truancy.  She shared examples of how CYS impacts local families.  Joanna graciously accepted the award and wanted to share the recognition with her fellow employees at Adams County Children and Youth Services.


Golf: Again the tournament was very successful and we appreciate everyone’s help.  We look forward to using this money to support local youth programs.  Thank you notes are in the process of being sent out.  Don’t hesitate to personally thank our sponsors and golfers.  We hope to schedule a date for next year soon.


Soccer Parking: Don sent around a sign-up sheet for the soccer parking on August 23rd and 24th.  There are still a few slots open.  Please contact Don ([email protected]) if you are able to help.


Other News: If anyone would like to go to the Third Quarter Zone Meeting (Monday June 23rd at 6pm-Alexander’s Restaurant in York) please RSVP Mindy ([email protected]) by June 21st so that she can provide a headcount to the East York Club.  Cost is $15 per person.  Kris will be attending. 


There will not be an Optimist meeting the first week in July due to the holiday weekend.


Member Kudos:  Thanks to Doug for selecting a recipient and organizing the Respect for Law presentation.  Thanks to Frank and Daryl for a great meal of homemade sloppy joes!


Upcoming Events:  Board of Director Meeting:  Sunday, June 22nd at 4pm at Battlefield Brew Works.


Third Quarter Zone Meeting: Monday, June 23rd at 6pm at Alexander’s Restaurant in York.


Next Meeting: Wednesday, July 16th at 6:30pm at the Lake Heritage Pavilion (Presentation: Meals and More/Walt and Fred will be providing dinner)


Officer elections: Wednesday, August 6th at 6:30pm at the Lake Heritage Pavilion


Fourth Quarter Zone Meeting/Pig Roast: Wednesday, August 20th at 6:30pm at the Lake Heritage Pavilion


Wayne Hill-a-Palooza: Wednesday, September 3rd at 6:30pm at the Hill’s home.

There is an Optimist Meeting tonight at 6:30pm tonight at Lake Heritage Pavilion. We will be presenting the Respect for Law award.

The next Optimist Club meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 18th at 6:30pm at the Lake Heritage Pavilion.  Please come show your appreciation as we present the Respect for Law award.

The Optimist members enjoyed a great evening with the meal provided by Bruce and Stacey.  We had a presentation from Judy Alder and Kathy Gaskin regarding the Gettysburg Hospital Foundation, specifically the Children’s Health Fund and the Healthy Options program.


Guests: The foundation is 501 © 3 non-profit.  The foundation uses 100% of donations towards donor-chosen funds.    For the last 29 years the foundation has sponsored a very successful golf tournament at the Links in July which in part benefits the Children’s Fund.  The following are some of the ways that the fund helps our community: financial support for a SAFE nurse who performs medical exams on child victims of sexual abuse, car seat distribution to families in need, sleep sacks are provided to 650 families per year to eliminate blankets from cribs which may contribute to SIDS, dental screens for ages 1-4, and the Healthy Choices program which works with local restaurants to incorporate healthy menu options for kids.  Organizations may apply for grants to assist with their own youth programs.

Another initiative, the Healthy Options program is in its third year.  It partners with the Adams County Food Policy Council and the Adams County Farmers’ Market Association to help local families meet their needs when they do not qualify for federal food assistance.  Research has found a $17,000 gap between the amount that a family of four can make to qualify for food stamps ($34,000) and the amount needed for a family of four to be self-sufficient to pay for their necessities ($51,000).  Last year 70 families participated in the program where the received a $40 voucher to the Farmers Market from June to September.  Families also receive education on cooking, gardening, and staying active.  This year the hope is to expand the program.

We also had another guest, a potential new member, Adam DeYoung (Brenda and Jim’s son) who will be graduating from Greencastle this June.  He really enjoyed assisting with the Optimist basketball for his school’s community service project last year and he would like to be more active helping kids.


Secretary Report: Elmo is assisting Tom finish his Lieutenant Governorship.  He reported that Zone 7 is still number one and Gettysburg is tied for 21st place out of all the clubs in the district.   We hope to end the year in 1st for Tom.


Treasurer Report:  Most due payments are up-to-date.  Tom will crunch some numbers and we will reassess dues at the next board of directors meeting.  Overall we are looking good after a couple very successful fundraisers.


Golf Tournament wrap: The tournament at the Links was a great success!  A special thanks to Bruce for all of his hard work and the regular email updates J  Also thank you to everyone who found sponsors, foursomes, or helped on the day of the tournament.  We exceeded our fundraising goal this year by more than $2500!   We will be sending out thank-you notes shortly, but Bruce encourages everyone to thank our sponsors by supporting their businesses.  Eat, drink, buy a Subaru!  It is time to start planning for next year.  We will hope to maintain all current sponsors while adding more and we should have a goal of 36 foursomes.


Soccer Parking: We had a beautiful weekend for this event.  We were able to park 396 cars for over the two days.  Thanks to Don for keeping the parking running smoothly and to everyone who volunteered for this event.


Respect for Law:  Next meeting the club will be presenting this award to a very deserving individual who works for the Adams County Children’s Advocacy Center.


Chamber of Commerce: Stacey suggested that if the Club would like to utilize our membership better we can certainly attend the regular monthly mixers, submit an article for the newsletter, or even host a social event.  The next mixer is scheduled for Thursday, June 19th at Battlefield KIA from 5-7pm.


Public Relations: Marci is very pleased with how everything is looking with our social media.  If you have any suggestions about postings please let her know.


Nominations: Please consider how you would like to help lead the club in the coming year by being an officer or board member.  Elections will occur at our meeting on Wednesday, August 6th and we are in need of a President, V.P, Secretary, and Board Members.


Other notes: The Third Quarter Zone Meeting will be held at Alexander’s Restaurant in York on Wednesday, June 23rd at 6:30pm.  Cost is $15 per person.  Winners of the Oratorical contest will be present.  Please let Mindy know if you are interested in attending by June 20th so that she can send a headcount to the East York Club.


The Gettysburg Optimist will once again host the Fourth Quarter Zone Meeting/Pig Roast at the Lake Heritage Pavilion on Wednesday, August 20th.  Mark and Daryl have agreed to do the prep work.


Member Kudos:  Thanks to Bruce and Stacey for a great meal.  Also thanks to Bruce for being so generous and storing the Optimist Christmas tree (aka box of banners in his attic).    Thanks to Jean for raising nearly $500 through her casual day at work!


Next Meeting: Wednesday, June 18th at 6:30pm at the Pavilion (Respect for Law presentation, meal provided by Daryl and Frank).

Sorry for the late reminder, (vacation brain), but there is an Optimist meeting tonight at the Lake Heritage Pavilion at 6:30pm.