Optimist Club of Gettysburg meeting Announcement
Tonight, Wednesday, September 18 @ the Refectory.
6 PM social and 6:30 PM dinner and meeting.

The Optimist Club of Gettysburg met on Wednesday, September 4 at Lake Heritage.
President Brian Skidmore welcomed (12) members and (2) guests. Our guests were Sergeant Pruy and Officer Bo Taylor from the Gettysburg Borough Police Department. We opened the evening with all members reciting the pledge of allegiance and Brian giving the invocation. A lasagna dinner was prepared by Biggerstaff Catering. We had a great evening of fellowship.

Evening Agenda:
1. Guest Speaker, Officer Bo Taylor gave a talk regarding the local police department and community programs. Officer Taylor was presented the Optimist award for “Respect for Law” by Chairman Doug Miller.
2. Committee Reports:
a. Secretary’s report was approved
b. Treasure’s report for our 2019-2020 budget was presented and approved.
c. Wine Festival – The Gettysburg Optimist Club will be parking cars on September 7th and 8th.
3. The club discussed the need to repair the Optimist Amphitheater at Gettysburg Area Recreation Park. The suggestion was made to have members do as much of the painting as possible.
Upcoming Dates:
• September 18th meeting at Refectory
• October 2nd Officer Installation Banquet @ Refectory
• October 9th Board of Directors and Officers calendar planning meeting
• October 16th Regular meeting at Refectory
• December 13th is our Christmas magic show, 6:30 PM @ Lincoln Elementary School
• March 28, 2020 Oyster & Shrimp Feed

Respectfully Submitted,
Daryl, Secretary

September 4th next meeting at Lake Heritage Pavilion

September 7th and 8th , Wine Festival Parking fund raiser. Volunteers still needed.