The Annual Gettysburg Optimist Oyster and Shrimp Feed is upon us.  As in the past, members will be asked to roll up their sleeves, slip on their gloves, man their favorite tool and prepare to shuck, pad, steam and fry.  This is a last call for members to tune-in and turn out and prepare for the onslaught of hungry oyster and shrimp eaters that will be charging the buffet line this Saturday, March 9, beginning at noon.

As is always the case, effectively meeting the challenge depends most upon our preparation, so all members are encouraged to show up on Friday evening at 6:30 pm for the 2013 annual oyster pad-off.  Project leaders Wayne Hill and Stacey Green will be providing the inspiration and an adequate supply of bandages for eager participants.  Saturday’s preparation will begin at 10:00 am and the feeding frenzy will commence at Noon and run through 4:00 pm.  We have experienced an increase in ticket sales this year and expect to be busy during the length of the event.

Please bring a desert!  Spouses, kids, grand kids, significant others, friends and volunteers are invited to help out.

If you have not yet heard, this years Event is being held at the 1863 Inn (the old Holiday Inn) located on Baltimore Street, at the intersection with Steinwehr Avenue, in Gettysburg.  A prize will be awarded to any member who shows up at the Gettysburg Fire Hall appearing confused, as to why they don’t recognize anyone, and thinking that they may have the wrong date for the event.  Winners will have to be present and admit to their mistake in front of all their fellow members in order to receive their prize.