June 21, 2017 General and Board Meeting Minutes

The Gettysburg Optimist Club met on Wednesday, June 21, 6:00pm at the Refectory.

President Daryl Aurand opened the meeting at 6:30 pm with an invocation and Pledge of Allegiance. This was followed by a excellent dinner provided by Stacey Green and staff.

President’s Report: Daryl shared various thank you notes from groups that received donations from the club. He also said that he attended a meeting of the Gettysburg Area Recreation Association and presented them with a check for $990 to be used for purchasing helmets for the skateboarding group. The meeting was on June 19.

Speaker: David Bradshaw spoke about the recent incident involving a Philippine container ship ramming the United States destroyer USS Fitzgerald off the coast of Japan. The container ship weighs 29,000 tons the US ship weighs 8,300 tons. David described what probably was involved in this incident and the various aspects of the investigation that will take place.

Treasurer’s  Report : Tom Barako reported on Activity and General Fund. Tom said that about ten organizations remain to be funded in the future. He said that the club is in excellent financial condition currently.

Next Meeting:  The next club meeting will be Wednesday, July 26, at Wayne Hill’s home. Chicken corn soup will be served. This is the only  meeting in July. Everyone is invited to attend this gathering: friends, family, etc.

President Daryl closed the meeting at 7:30 pm with recitation of the Optimist Creed.

Submitted by Fred Darling

Board of Directors Meeting

The Board of Directors met immediately after the regular meeting.

Items discussed:

The main item of discussion was the status of the change to 501c3, non-profit organization. Sam reported that everything is proceeding well and on schedule. There are various details yet to be completed such as the name of the club and filing papers with the state. Daryl said that he will follow up on everything and all should be completed  by December.

There was some discussion about having to adjust the Oyster Feed ticket prices for the upcoming year.

Bruce said that the Golf Tourney next year will be the third Thursday of May.