Meeting Minutes – August 25, 2022

The Optimist Club of Gettysburg met on Wednesday, August 25, 2022, 6:00 PM at Hoss’s Steak and Sea House. We had 13 members present for our meeting. President Gary welcomed all in attendance for our meeting.


Business Meeting:


  1. Secretary’s Report: Approved.
  2. Treasure’s report: Approved
  1. President’s Report:
    1. President Gary discussed our participating in the Keystone active Veterans Christmas Card event and several members agreed in this great project. Christmas Cards will be available at our October meeting.
    2. President Gary thanked Wayne and Sue for a wonderful summer picnic and sharing their home with all who could make it.
    3. On 8/3/2022 Optimist Meeting & 4th Quarter Zone Meeting, was held at GARA fireman’s pavilion.

New Business

  1. Our new promotion brochure is available, and we should always have one in our possession. If you need some promotion brochures, contact Daryl and one will be mailed to you.
  2. Discussion regarding repair of the Optimist Amphitheater will be investigated and report back to the club by Daryl.
  3. Proposal for a spring youth 9-hole golf tournament approved. Randy, Walt, and Gary agreed to plan this event.

Old Business

  1. Basketball Committee (Chairs Chris Bender & Brian Skidmore)
    1. No report.
  2. Golf Committee (Chair Steve Burton)
    1. No report.
  3. Respect for Law (Chair Doug Miller)
    1. No report
  4. Oyster & Shrimp Feed Committee (Chairs Wayne Hill & Stacey Schlosser)
    1. Oyster/Shrimp Fundraiser cancelled (3/13/2022)
  5. Gettysburg Wine & Music Festival Parking Committee (Brian Skidmore)
    1. 9/10 & 11/2022 Wine Festival Parking
    2. Call or email Brian if you can help with this great fundraiser.


  1. Adams County Foundation Giving Spree (Chairs Joe MacDowell & Fred Darling)
    1. 11/3 ACCF Giving
    2. Joe addressed our members on the benefit of giving through the Adams County Foundation which adds/increases approximately 3% to the revenue received by all of the 501C3 non-profit organizations who participate in this event including our Optimist Club.
  2. RIF & Environmental Ed (Chair Lyne Aurand) – Our board of directors proposed we contact the schools who receive monies for RIF and Environmental Ed since the funds are available, club membership agreed. Funds to be distributed by September 30.


Upcoming Dates:

  • 9/7/22 No meeting
  • 9/10 & 11/2022 Wine Festival Parking
  • 10/5/22 Officer Installation at Mansion House, Fairfield, PA
  • 11/3 Adams County Foundation Giving Spree
  • 11/16 Optimist Meeting 6PM at Hoss’s
  • 12/7 Optimist Christmas Party at Gettysburg Fire House


Respectfully Submitted,

Daryl Aurand, Secretary