The Optimist Club of Gettysburg met on Wednesday, January 5, 2022, at 6:30 PM by Zoom. We had 11 members present for our meeting. President Gary welcomed all in attendance for our first meeting in 2022 even though Zoom was not the plan. Due to our current community covid status the officers and board of directors felt this was the prudent alternative.


Business Meeting:

  1. Secretary’s Report: Approved.
  2. Treasure’s report: Approved
  3. Randy Smith recommended annual dues assessment.
  4. Joe Mac Dowell and Fred Darling were recognized for a great job with the Giving Spree with an increase of 112%. Kudos to Joe and Fred for their time and efforts.
  5. Chris and Brian reported on Optimist Basketball and postponing our January dates due to the ramped up covid issues. We are hoping to resume February 5 and we will keep the club posted by email and our website.
  6. Doug asked about our liability exposure and insurance limits. Daryl offered to contact our OI insurance carrier and procure the policy for our records and availability for review.
  7. Steve Burton golf committee chairman reported on our tournament plans and the addition of a golf ball drop from a helicopter to add some excitement to the tournament along with a 50/50 opportunity. More information will be following, stay tuned.
  8. Winter meeting locations were discussed, and our February 2 location will be Deatrick Village Community Center, Gettysburg, PA. President Gary and Marci are treating us to an Italian cuisine, you will want to mark this date on your calendar.

Upcoming Dates:

  • 2/2/2022 Optimist Meeting, location Deatrick Village Community Center 6PM
  • 2/4/2022 STARS ceremony 7:30AM GASD senior high cafeteria
  • 2/19/2022 Optimist Zone meeting
  • 3/2/2022 Optimist Meeting “Respect for Law”
  • 3/13/2022 Oyster/Shrimp Fundraiser cancelled for 2022
  • 5/19/2022 Golf Tournament

Respectfully Submitted, Daryl Aurand, Secretary