Meeting Minutes – June 1, 2022

The Optimist Club of Gettysburg met on Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 6:00 PM at Lake Heritage Community Pavilion. We had 19 members and 3 guests present for our meeting. President Gary welcomed all in attendance for our sixth meeting in 2022. We had char-grilled steak and all the fixings for dinner prepared by Gary, Walt, and Mark. Thank you, food committee, for a delicious meal. The evening was spectacular and enjoyed by all.


Business Meeting:


  1. Secretary’s Report: Approved.
  2. Treasure’s report: Approved


  1. President’s Report:
    1. President Gary attended the Third quarter Zone meeting 5/17 in York.

Old Business

  1. Basketball Committee (Chairs Chris Bender & Brian Skidmore)
    1. Brian introduced Coach Chris Davis and family who volunteered with our Optimist basketball program. Our program touched over 180 boys and girls from the greater Gettysburg area.
  2. Golf Committee (Chair Steve Burton)
    1. Tom reported our 12th annual “Clyde E Williams Jr. Memorial Golf Tournament” a success. We had 84 golfers participate. Thank you members for your support and volunteering your help, this type of event needs everyone to be a success. We cleared $6,000.00.
  3. Respect for Law (Chair Doug Miller)
    1. Event held 2/23/2022
    2. No report
  4. Oyster & Shrimp Feed Committee (Chairs Wayne Hill & Stacey Schlosser)
    1. Oyster/Shrimp Fundraiser cancelled (3/13/2022)
  5. Gettysburg Wine & Music Festival Parking Committee (Brian Skidmore)
    1. 9/10 & 11/2022 Wine Festival Parking
    2. No report at this time.
  6. Adams County Foundation Giving Spree (Chairs Joe MacDowell & Fred Darling)
    1. 11/3
    2. No report
  7. RIF & Environmental Ed (Chair Lyne Aurand)
    1. Money will be distributed in the Spring of 2023 after Wine Festival parking fundraiser.
    2. The amount in budget may be adjusted based on fundraising



New Business

  1. Summer meetings will be held at Lake Heritage pavilion. (6/1, 8/3, 9/7) Our July picnic location will be held at Wayne and Sue’s residence 7/20, details to follow.
  2. August 19-20 at Wyndham, Gettysburg is the Fourth Quarter Zone Convention. Gettysburg Optimist needs representation so mark this on your calendar. It will be in our backyard.
  3. Our new promotion brochure is available, and we should all always have one in our possession. I will have at the picnic for all attending. If you need sooner contact Daryl and one will be mailed to you.

Upcoming Dates:

  • 7/20/2022 Optimist Family Picnic at the Hill’s
  • 8/3/2022 Optimist Meeting & 4th Quarter Zone Meeting, location Lake Heritage Pavilion 6PM social, 6:30PM dinner
  • 8/19-20/2022 4th Quarter Joint Convention at the Wyndham, Gettysburg
  • 9/7/2022 Optimist Meeting
  • 9/10 & 11/2022 Wine Festival Parking
  • 10/5/22 Officer Installation at Mansion House, Fairfield, PA
  • 11/3 Adams County Foundation Giving Spree


Respectfully Submitted,

Daryl Aurand, Secretary