Meeting Minutes – June 5, 2024

The Optimist Club of Gettysburg met on Wednesday, June 5, 2024, 6 PM at 56 Winding Drive, Deatrick Village Community Center, Gettysburg.  We had 15 members in attendance and 6 guests. Sam and Walt treated us to a dinner enjoyed by all. Brent opened with the invocation and President Dan welcomed all in attendance. 

Business Meeting: 

  1. Secretary’s Report: Approved. 
  2. Treasure’s report: Approved
  3. President’s Report: 
    1. Daryl introduced our Adams County 4—H director “Alexis Lansford”. Alexis coordinates the (19) 4-H clubs of Adams County. The ages of the youth involved range from 5 to 18 years old and they currently have over 300 active members. There are 19 Community Clubs and the Barlow 4-H Club had 2 members and leader Jenna Waybright joined us. They explained their projects and responsibilities that are required. They concluded their presentation by reciting the 4-H Pledge and Brent and I, as former 4-H’ers joined in with them.  
    2. Dan & Daryl are co-chairing the wine fest parking (fundraiser). Please keep September 7 & 8 available to help with parking. 
    3. Congratulations to Gary Rappoldt on his first grandchild. His name is Liam Jackson aka LJ. Gary and his wife will soon be visiting Australia to hold their grandson. 
    4. Welcome back Bob, it was wonderful having you with us again.  
    5. Walt reported that Fred is recuperating.  
    6. Finally, please consider we need a President and Vice President. Contact Dan ASAP 

 Old Business 

4. Optimist Basketball (Chair Brian Skidmore) 

5. Little League Baseball (Chair Al Parone) Little League baseball opened on 4/20. This year 120 participants will experience  little league baseball and 4 girls softball teams will be on the ball fields.  

6. Respect for Law (Chair Doug Miller) 

7. Gettysburg Wine & Music Festival Parking (Co-Chair Dan & Daryl) 

8. Adams County Foundation Giving Spree (Chair Joe MacDowell)Date 11/7/2024 

9. RIF (Chair Lyne Aurand) 

10. Golf Tournament Fundraiser (Chair Gary Rappoldt)  

  • Our Fourteenth Optimist Tourney was held at The Links at Gettysburg on 5/16/24.  
  • After expenses our club netted a nice amount to continue the mission
  • Thank you Gary, for your hard work and thank you members for all of your participation and help. 

11. The Warrior Way Program ( formerly Stars) Held 3/27  

12. Brandon proposed sponsorship for youth basketball who supported Optimist Basketball with coaches and players. This will be addressed in our next budget.  

13. Brian had previously suggested a meeting to bring your adult child or friend as a prospective member. 

New Business 

  1. Activities and General Budget were presented and approved. 
  2. Need a President !!!  
  3. Need a Vice President !!! 

 Upcoming Dates: 

  • 6/19 Optimist Social 
  • 7/10 Optimist Club Picnic at Wayne & Sue’s 
  • 8/7 4th Quarter Zone Meeting, Gettysburg Hosts @ Lake Heritage Pavilion 
  • 8/21 Optimist Social 
  • 9/4 Optimist Meeting, location: Lake Heritage Pavilion 

Respectfully Submitted, Daryl Aurand, Secretary