Meeting Minutes – September 6, 2023

The Optimist Club of Gettysburg met on Wednesday, September 6, 2023, 6 PM at Detrick Village Community Center Gettysburg. We had 15 members present and 1 guest speaker (Scott Hartwig) representing the Gettysburg Community Theater for our meeting. President Gary grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and Brian served pasta salad and baked beans. Dan and Daryl helped with beverages and helping where needed. President Gary welcomed all in attendance.

Business Meeting:

1. Secretary’s Report: Approved.

2. Treasure’s report: Approved

3. President’s Report:

  • a. Guest speaker from the Gettysburg Community Theater – Scott Hartwig, President of the board of directors. Scott has been involved with the Gettysburg Community since 2014. He spoke of his personal involvement with the theater and told us they have over 100 volunteers at anyone time and 2 full-time paid staff. They have many activities/shows including opportunities for special needs children. They also reach 275 youth from Adams County in shows and camps. Scott expressed an emphasis on “Community” in their name with and how the theater is teaching confidence. We can feel proud to be partnering with The Gettysburg Community Theater in reaching the children of our community.
  • b. Officer nominations were made and approved for our 2023-2024 Optimist Calendar year.

President: Brent Smith, Vice President: Dan Mattern, Secretary: Daryl Aurand, Treasurer: Randy Smith, Board of Directors: Wayne Hill, Brian Skidmore, Gary Rappoldt, and Fred Darling.

  • c. Our next social event will be on Wednesday 9/20, 6PM at Fourscore Brewery, Gettysburg

Old Business

4. Optimist Basketball (Chair Brian Skidmore)

5. Respect for Law (Chair Doug Miller)

6. Gettysburg Wine & Music Festival Parking (Chair Brian Skidmore)

  • a. Saturday 9/9, 10AM – 3PM, Sunday 9/10 10AM – 3PM
  • b. The sign-up sheet was passed around at the meeting. For those of us who did not sign-up please be in touch with Brian. Email: [email protected] we need all hands on deck to help at this important fund-raising event.

7. Adams County Foundation Giving Spree (Chair Joe MacDowell & Fred Darling)

  • a. Date of ACCF Giving Spree on Thursday November 9, 2023
  • b. Optimist Club of Gettysburg Code #71
  • c. We can give in person on 11/9/23, or online at, or call 717-337-0060

8. RIF & Environmental Ed (Chair Lyne Aurand)

9. Golf Tournament Fundraiser (Chair Gary Rappoldt) Discussed checking other venues/courses to hold the event. Gary will check on pricing and then hit the ground running the end of January to have the tournament ready for 5/16/2024.

10. Brian had previously suggested a meeting in the fall to bring your adult child or friend.

11. This is simply a reminder from our May 6th meeting: several members voiced their opinion that Activities Account funds be spent only on Activity Expenses. Members should pay for their monthly meals from the General Account. If the meal cost exceeds the allowance, then pay the additional from pocket. The specifics will be presented at the next meeting by the Board of Directors. Approved by general membership vote at our 1-4-2023 meeting: to pay for guests and guest speakers from Activities Account at meetings.

12. Little League Baseball

  • a. Al reported we should investigate sponsorship signage and Daryl agreed to make a contact.

New Business

1. Optimist Social at Four Score Gettysburg on Wednesday, September 20 @ 6PM
2. Discussion on ways to use email/social media legally to raise funds/awareness for the club.
3. Discussion on dues increase to cover expenses
4. Golf Chairman is going to get proposals for alternative tournament venues
5. Brian stepping down as Chairman of the Winefest Parking
6. Christmas Salvation Army Bell Ringing, December 19

Upcoming Dates:

● 9/9 & 9/10 Wine and Music Festival Parking
● 9-20 Social evening at Fourscore Brewery 6PM
● 10/18 Installation Banquet @ Mansion House, Fairfield, PA (Sign-up with separate email)
● 10/25 Board Meeting and calendar planning
● 11/1 Meeting, location TBD
● 12/6 Save the date Family Christmas Party
● 12/19 Christmas Salvation Army Bell Ringing

Respectfully Submitted, Daryl Aurand, Secretary