Optimist Meeting Minutes 11-6-13

Although the Club did not give out a “really big check” tonight, we did add a wonderful new member, Frank Negro.  Bruce introduced Frank to the Optimist Club over the summer and subsequently became his sponsor.  Bruce and Frank became friends searching high and low for golf balls together.  Frank is originally from NY.  He traveled south to go to Mount St. Mary’s.  Over the years he has served numerous youth as an educator, track and field coach, and track official.  Frank looks forward to getting involved in the Club, particularly the Golf Tournament.

Secretary Report: A special thank-you was sent to the Adams County Fish and Game Association for their very generous donation to the Magic Show. 

Treasurer Report: Next meeting we will discuss dues for the coming year.


Sign Up:   The Optimist Club will be ringing the bell again for the Salvation Army this begins November 29th.  Please contact Kris ([email protected]) if you would like to be added to the list of ringers.


We are looking to have members chair or be a part of at least one committee to ensure that events run smoothly.  In particular, there are slots open for the Basketball, Golf Tournament, Long Range Planning, Member Recruitment, Oyster Feed, Public Relations, and Parade committees.  Please contact Kris if you can help, otherwise we get to see the sign-up sheet again next meeting!


Halloween Parade Wrap: Fun was had by all who participated in this lively evening.  The parade crowd was entertained by several members from our Club and the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization along with 4 scoot coupes, a big chicken and a dog!  Joe won the award for preserving his candy to the very end of the parade route!  The Club decided not to participate in this year’s December Holiday Parade due to other holiday commitments, but we look forward to being back in next year’s Halloween Parade.


Silent Auction hosted by the Boyscouts: As a result of our recent donation to the Boy Scouts of America, the Club has been given eight tickets for members to use to attend a Silent Auction program on Monday, November 25th at 6pm at the Gettysburg Hotel.  Please contact Craig ([email protected]) if you would like to go.


Christmas Party: The Annual Optimist Christmas Party will again be held at the Seminary Refectory.  It is scheduled for Wednesday, December 11th at 6pm.  Dinner will be served at 6:30pm.  Feel free to bring a bottle of wine to this event.  If you have not done so, please RSVP to Stacy ([email protected]) if you and any of your family members will be attending.  Having children in attendance makes this night particularly enjoyable as a special guests always makes his way to the Refectory.  If you are bringing a young guest, don’t forget a small, wrapped gift (under $10) with their name on it.  As in years past, the Gettysburg H.S. will be providing live music.

All-star Magic Show:  Doug reports that this popular event is all set.  Donations are rolling in.  It is scheduled for Friday, December 13th at 7pm at Lincoln Elementary School.

Basketball: Plans are being finalized for this 8 week Saturday program.  As we are limited to using one gym this year the schedule will be a little different than years past.  Details to follow.  Sign-ups are planned for December 7th and 14th from 9-11am at the Middle School Cafeteria.

Oyster and Shrimp Feed:  This event will be moved back to the Gettysburg Fire hall on Saturday, March 8th.  Wayne will have tickets ready for distribution in December.  The All-You-Can-Eat buffet will be offered for the low price of $35.  Tickets sell quickly, so get yours early!


Golf Tournament: With Bruce at the “helm” the Club is looking to have a very successful fundraising event.  The committee had their first meeting following the regular business meeting.  The date is set for Thursday, May 22nd at 1pm.  Details to follow on how you can help.


Communications: Marci gave a great presentation updating the Club on the latest changes to our communication capabilities.  You may have noticed that posts now come full-length in your email and on Facebook.  While this is more convenient, it does take away the ability to trend the “views” of the post.  Since the Club initiated its online media we have been received more than 6200 views.  Pictures and individual articles seem to draw the most attention.  Do you tweet? Now the Optimist Club does!  All of our Website/Facebook posts are directly linked to this account to reach out to more people.


Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 20th at 6:30pm at Mama Ventura’s.