The Gettysburg Optimist Club met on Wednesday, April 6, 6:00pm,at the Refectory. President Bruce Bradshaw called the meeting to order at 6:40 pm asking for an Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance. This was followed by an excellent dinner provided by Stacey Green and her staff.

President Bruce introduced the speakers for the evening: Ms. Jessica Laganosky and Mrs. Dawn Smith from the Adams
County Library. They presented a program discussing the new electronic checkout system now being used at the library. The system enables you to view and check out books, audio books, and magazines from your home. All you need is a specific app. on your IPAD or IPHONE and you never need to enter the library again. They also discussed the various programs offered to children during the summer months.

President’s Report – Bruce congratulated everyone for a very successful Oyster and Shrimp Feed. Everyone’s efforts contributed to a great day !

The Gettysburg Little League will have their opening game on April 15. We would like to have a club member attend. Our club name is on one of the teams.

The Optimist State Convention is held in August at the Gettysburg Convention Center. Perhaps we may want to have some representation of our club there.

The 4H Club will be at our May 4 meeting to give a presentation.

Bruce suggested that since the Golf Tournament  is May 19 we might want to have our meeting there, instead of May 18. This was approved.

It is time to nominate officers for next year. Anyone interested, please contact Bruce.

Treasurer’s Report – General Fund  $3355.85    Activity Fund $10451.85
Oyster Feed – Income to date is $3461.38. We budgeted  $3500 and have another $110 coming
from Daryl, so we met budget!!

Golf Tournament – May 19 Frank reported that there are forms for more foursomes (4 or 5). Bruce covered sponsors who participated in the past, and is contacting others.  Forecast:  Around six to seven thousand dollars this year. Last year was $8000.

Soccer Parking – A signup sheet was circulated asking for help at the May soccer meet.

June 1 will be the first meeting  at the Pavilion.

President Bruce ended  the meeting at 8:20 with the Optimist Creed.

Submitted by Fred Darling