Meeting Minutes April 6, 2022

The Optimist Club of Gettysburg met on Wednesday, April 6, 2022, 6:00 PM at Deatrick Village Community Center. We had 10 members present for our meeting. President Gary welcomed all in attendance for our fourth meeting in 2022. We had a pizza dinner compliments of President Gary.

Business Meeting:

  1. Secretary’s Report: Approved.
  2. Treasure’s report: Approved
  3. President’s Report:

Old Business

  1. Basketball Committee (Chairs Chris Bender & Brian Skidmore)
    1. Brian reported that at our June 1st meeting we will be recognizing all Optimist basketball coaches.
  2. Golf Committee (Chair Steve Burton)
    2. Tom and Dan reported our date of May 19 is set and our promotion information and registration is available on our website and on The Links at Gettysburg website. We are asking members to be proactive in helping promote as well as reserving this day to help.
  3. Respect for Law (Chair Doug Miller)
    1. Event held 2/23/2022
    2. No report
  4. Oyster & Shrimp Feed Committee (Chairs Wayne Hill & Stacey Schlosser)
    1. Oyster/Shrimp Fundraiser cancelled (3/13/2022)
  5. Gettysburg Wine & Music Festival Parking Committee (Brian Skidmore)
    1. 9/10 & 11/2022 Wine Festival Parking
    2. No report at this time.
  6. Adams County Foundation Giving Spree (Chairs Joe MacDowell & Fred Darling)
    1. 11/3
    2. Joe reported our success from this event as a fundraiser.
  7. RIF & Environmental Ed (Chair Lyne Aurand)
    1. Money will be distributed in the Spring of 2023 after Wine Festival parking fundraiser.
    2. The amount in budget may be adjusted based on fundraising

New Business

  1. Meeting for May 4 location will be Deatrick Village Community Center, Gettysburg, PA. Daryl has agreed to prepare our dinner. We will offer a Zoom option for this meeting if anyone is interested. You will want to mark this date on your calendar.
  2. Marci Cropp discussed Face of America, FOA and encouraged Optimist members to help and support. A cheer station is scheduled for Sunday April 24, Noon at Rosie’s Collection.

The dates are April 22, 23,24, 2022 Contact Mark or Marci for ways to help. This is a great event that our community has been part of for many years.

  1. Summer meetings will be held at Lake Heritage pavilion. (6/1, 8/3, 9/7) Our July picnic location is to be determined.

Upcoming Dates:

  • 2/4/2022 STARS ceremony 7:30AM GASD senior high cafeteria postponed till April
  • 4/22,23,24 Face of America
  • 5/4/2022 Optimist Meeting, location Deatrick Village Community Center 6PM, Zoom would start after dinner.
  • 5/19/2022 Golf Tournament
  • 9/10 & 11/2022 Wine Festival Parking
  • 11/3 Adams County Foundation Giving Spree

Respectfully Submitted, Daryl Aurand, Secretary