The Optimist Club of Gettysburg met on Wednesday, March 16, 2022 at the Deatrick Commons Community Center. We had  12 members present for our meeting. President Gary Rappoldt opened the meeting at 6:30pm with an invocation, followed by an outstanding dinner provided by Mark and Marci.

Speaker   After dinner President Gary introduced the speaker for the evening, Mr. Steve Heidecker representing the “Dollars for Scholars” program. This program provides scholarships for qualified students. He mentioned that the Optimist Club was one of the original supporters of the program.

Business Meeting

Secretary’s Report: Approved

Treasurer’s Report: Approved

Basketball Program: Brian reported that the January program was cancelled. There were 4 sessions in February with 150 youngsters attending. Brian said that the kindergarten session may be eliminated next year.

Golf Outing: Dan Mattern reported about a new fund raising element being introduced called “helicopter ball drop“. Basically you would purchase a numbered golf ball, or balls, which would be dropped on the green from a helicopter. If your ball goes in the hole you win a cash prize. Balls are $10.00 each, and you can purchase as many as you wish. This would be at the Golf Outing on May 19. So tell your friends !!

Respect for Law:  Doug Miller assembled an excellent program at the Adams County Court House. Two individuals were recognized by the Optimist Club for their support of the law. They are Kathy Hileman, Adams County Adult Corrections Warden and Larry Snyder Deputy Warden.

Wine Fest: Brian reported that plans are progressing very nicely.

Member Comments: Marci and Mark commented about the “Face of America” bike event on the 24th of April. There will be about 400 participants and volunteers are needed.

Upcoming Dates:
5/19/2022 Golf Tournament
9/10/2022 Wine Festival Parking

Optimistically submitted, Fred Darling